Engine Parts, and Machine Parts

We import parts for the followings

DEUTZ Diesel Engines
MAH914 (HD-9), MAH916 (HD-10)

MITSUBISHI Diesel Engines
HD330, D2400, and all NM/M Sires.

YANMAR Diesel Engines
N15Y, N22Y, N28Y, NP16, NP30, NP35
TS50, TS60, TS70, TS80, TS105, TS130, TS155, TS180 L40(YDG2000), L60(YDG3000)

HONDA Gasoline Engines
G150, G200, GX110, GX120, GX140, GX160

KUBOTA Gasoline Engines
GS130, GS160, GS200, GS280

ROBIN Gasoline Engines
EY14, WY15, EY18, EY20, EY25, EY33, R600

YAMAHA Gasoline Engines
ET-500, ET-900, ET-1500

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Beside parts for the mentioned engine, we import parts specially developed for us, as mentioned here under:-
Adjusting Nuts, Air Breather Parts, Air Cleaners, Aluminum Casting Parts, Aluminum Gaskets, Aluminum Pressurized die casting Parts, Anchor Bolts, Asbestos Gaskets/Packings, Asbestos Ropes, AVRs, Ball Bearings, Banjo bolts, Bearings, Belt Fasteners, Beltings, Bi Metal Bearings, Bits (Drilling), Bolts, Bowls, Brackets, Brass Bushes, Brass Parts, Bronze Parts, Brushes (Carbon), Bushes, C.R. Bearings, Cam Shafts, Caps, Carbon Brushes, Cast Iron Parts, Circlips, Clips, Collets, Column Pipes, Conical Bushes, Conics, Connecting Rods, Connectors, Copper Bushes, Copper Gaskets/Packings, Copper Parts, Copper Rings, Cork Gaskets/Packings, Cotters, Cotton Grease Packings, Couplings, Crank Metals, Crank Shafts, Crankpin Metals, Cups, Cylinder Liners, Cylinder Sleeves, Delivery Valves, Diodes, Drain Plugs, Drill Bits, Engine Valves, Eye Bolts, Fasteners, Filter Elements, Filters, Flanges, Foot Valve Strainers (Screens), Foot Valves, Foundation Bolts, Fuel Filters, Fuel Injection Equipment, Fuel Injection Pumps, Fuel Injection Valves (Injectors), Fuel Pipes, Fuel Tank Caps, Gaskets, Gears, Glands, Governor Parts, Governors, Gudgeon Pins, Guides (Valve), Gun Metal Bushes, Gun Metal Parts, Head Gaskets/Packings, Heat Res. Gaskets/Packings, Hose Clips, Hose Collets, Hose Couplings (PVC, Aluminum, Cast Iron), Impeller Casings, Impellers, Jointing, Keys (Shafts), Kit Sets, Liners, Main Bearings, Mechanical Seals, NBR Gaskets/Packings, Neoprene Gaskets/Packings, Nitrile Gaskets/Packings, Nozzles, Nuts, Nylon Robes (Starting Ropes), O rings, Oil Filters, Oil Pipes, Oil Pump Parts, Oil pumps, Oil Res. Gaskets/Packings, Oil Rotors, Oil seals, Packings, Pins, Pipes, Piston Pin Bushes, Piston Pins, Piston Rings, Pistons, Pivot Gears, Plastic Parts (Assorted Materials), Plugs, Plungers, Pulleys, Pump Elements, Pump Shafts, Rectifiers, Regulators, Retainers, Ring Sets, Rings (Wear), Rocker Arms, Rocker Parts, Rods, Roller Bearings, Rubber Bonded Parts (Assorted Materials), Rubber Gaskets/Packings, Rubber Parts (Assorted Materials), Rubberized Cork Gaskets/Packings, Screws, Seals, Shaft Couplings, Shaft Sockets, Shafts, Sheet Metal Parts, Shims, Silicone gaskets/Packings, Sleeves, Slip rings, Small End Bushes, Sockets, Speed Control Parts, Spiders, Spindles, Springs, Stainless Steel Parts, Starting Handles, Steel Parts, Strainers, Studs, Teflon gaskets/Packings, Thrust Washers, Tractor Implements' Parts, Transmission Beltings, Traics, V Belts, Valve Guides, Valve Seats, Valves In/Ex, Vent valves, Vitone gaskets/Packings, Washers, Wear Rings.

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